Welcome to bas.me.uk, the online home of myself, Ben Shimmin, since about 2003.

I've been running a software consultancy, Cornucopic, for the last decade or so (depending on when you're reading this). We've helped launch a few startups, and work with established brands you'll have heard of, like American Express, Auto Trader, Sainsbury's, and Waitrose. We mostly work on the web.

I co-founded a little startup called speedread.io, which helps people read more quickly. Check us out.

I can also pretty reliably tell you if the Tube is fucked.

I scrobble most of the music I listen to with Last.fm, write short and unmemorable posts on Twitter (don't even bother asking if I'm willing to sell you my username — I'm not), and longer and equally unmemorable posts on Hacker News, which is a really poor substitute for usenet; you can also find me on GitHub where I contribute almost nothing of any public value; and I maintain a profile on LinkedIn so that recruiters can send me irrelevant job roles in Glasgow.

If you want to get in touch with me, email is the best way: <bas@bas.me.uk>; I also have a GnuPG key I wish more people would use.

Aside from dratted computers, I like wine, old-fashioned books, and difficult avant-garde cinema (but you can't beat a good horror). I "divide my time" between Somerset and London.

This page was last updated in July 2016, the first update since 2008, apparently (hey, I've been busy). The image at the top was my breakfast, a few days after Brexit. The raspberry jam is, of course, Bonne Maman.